Game rules EK Pool


  1. Predict the outcome of every game of TheEK 2024 voetbal.
  2. Points home/away are the expected goals that are made by the team that is either the home or away playing team ( after 90 minutes or any extension ).
  3. In yellow / red cards fill the number that you expect in the relevant competition ( after 90 minutes or any extension ) .
  4. When you correctly predict a win/draw/loss ( toto ) you get 2 points ( for example, You have predicted 2-0 and the result is 1-0. ).
  5. With each exactly predicted outcome during the preliminaries get 4extra points
  6. After the preliminaries there will be 6  points bonus points given for each exactly predicted outcome.
  7. At any exact prediction number of yellow cards you get 1 point.
  8. At any exact prediction number of red cards you get 1 point.
  9. All forecasts can be created and modified to the start of the tournament (14-06-2024 21:00) After this it is not more possible!)

  10. Countries in the final matches

  11. Predicting which countries will be playing in the finals (no matter whether or not the country is playing away or home) gives 1 point (maximum 2 points par match).
  12. The prediction of the right home or away playing country in the finals supplies 3 point (maximum de 6 points par match).
    At the 8th final matches you basically precitct who gets first and second place have in the pools!
  13. Before the start of the first game (14-06-2024 21:00) you can predict or modify the various countries of the finals.

  14. In summary:

    Predict profit / equal / loss ( toto ) solid
    Bonus predict outcome correctly in preliminaries
    Bonus predict outcome correctly after preliminaries
    Number of yellow cards good
    Number of red cards good
    Prediction of a correct country in a final match
    Prediction of a correct country in a final match and whether they play home or away

    Extra questions

  15. Additional questions can still be changed until the start of the first game (14-06-2024 21:00) .
  16. The points of the additional questions are after the last game (14-07-2024 21:00) calculated and awarded.
  17. Correctly predicting the champion supplies 10 bonus points on.

  18. By the following questions apply maximum points if predicted precisely. After this goes for every point of difference a point of the maximum number of bonus points off.

  19. Correctly predicting the 1st goal in a match of the tournament supplies 10 bonus points .
  20. → Correctly predicting the total number of goals scored in the tournament (including goals in any extensional time ) delivers maximum 10 bonus points on.
  21. Correctly predicting the number of goals from top scorer supplies 10 bonus points on.

  22. Maximum number of points:

  23. Each game of the preliminaries: 8 points.
  24. Each game after the preliminaries: 18 points.
  25. The additional question : 40 punten.

  26. Price

  27. The deposit for the price is € 5,00
  28. The number of price places = 3 .
  29. The distribution of the price places is :

    Place 1 -> 50%

    Place 2 -> 30%

    Place 3 -> 20%

  30. If several participants get the same number of points and thus share one of the winning places, then these prizes for the winning places (depending on how many are sharing the same place) are added to each other and divided by the number of people with equal points!
    Example: Numbers 1 and 2 have the same number of points. The first and second prize will be added together and divided by two . The contestant in third place will receive the third price.
  31. If you as a participant have not yet paid you can not join in for the prize . You will also not appear in the participant state . Please contact us with the pole - organization if you are not already marked as being paid (see profile).